~~~~ Aloha , please read this all for information! ~~~~

Since a lot of people seem to like the idea of a sprinklerino meetup , I’ll tell you what and when.

What is the sprinklerino tumblr-meet up?

We will have a meeting in the sprinklerino tag , we just talk, post selfies, send cute messages and meet new friends! And don’t forget to follow all the amazing sprinklerinos! Also we’ll post edits and gif and have a great time!

When will the sprinklerino tumblr-meet up be?

Saturday 27th of September. 4 pm London time! 

What tag do we use?

We’ll use the tag “Sprinklerino" to post everything , also we’ll use that tag to post updates for when the next meetup will be.

Would you like to join? Please reblog and spread the word so many sprinklerinos can join our meet up! I hope to meet lots of you on saturday!

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Today in biology the teacher asked “why do chromosomes have to stick together?” And I whispered “because they’re bromosomes” and the guy next to me just about died laughing

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